Types of Works

Importance in understanding types of works.

  1. Differentiate work type would help us to accomplish task easily.
  2. Prioritization of tasks allows you to focus on what is the most important.

Work Types

1. New Residential Decoration – is the new house which the construction is 90% or completely finished but no one lives in the place yet. This can be categorized to detached house, terrace, building, condominium, and etc.


(Sarin Furniture has more than 50 years experience. We did decoration for more than 1,000 households.)

2. Partial Decoration – is the house which decoration is finished more than 50% with occupant.


(Our installation has no effect to occupants by producing semi-knockdown for easier installation.)

3. Loose Furniture – is the order of loose furniture which customer prepared their design or sample.


(Produce by skilled technician which could be reliable on furniture scale.)

4. Task from Interior Designer or Owner (with working drawing) – the customer prepared design and working drawing for us to quote price and proceed production.


(Production and operation control is concerned in order to meet house owner’s objective.)