We are very appreciate your decision for selecting us.

In the past, Being a house owner might have overwhelming problems including getting upset from contacting with bad contractor.  Therefore, qualified workmen team is a key needed, including coordinator, designer, evaluating and production control.  We are on duly to make your problem solved in appropriate and reasonable price, time, and design.  Therewith, all your confusion and complication will be disappeared.

Our Priority Service

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1. Create familiarity
– Getting to know each other and maintaining client relation.  Regular contact will make you trust in our integrity by calling our customer relationship center Tel. 02-321-1990} 02-322-4522 Mon.-Sat. Fax. 02-321-4473 Email:


2. Getting Date
– Survey the site for getting data by interior designers who have direct skills and knowledge (M.Arch Interior Architect) and also can solve all specific problems.  
Timing 1-2 days


3. Presentation
– Price :
Evaluating price by using material consideration method can be assured in our price evaluation standard.
– Period of Time :
Estimating production time is needed for client plan.
– Design :
Preliminary data is essential as it could link up one’s identity and conduct to precise service.
Timing 5-9 days.


4. Approval
– Approval of purchasing order.


5. Area Measurement
– It is significant to have space measurement before production in order to avoid errors.  Experienced supervisor will be sent to inspect and measure the space before start the production process.
Timing 1-2 days


6. Production
 – Factory Production Process :
Production process held in factory would benefit for your house atmosphere.  Our factory always welcomes all visits and sightseeing.
 – Site Installation :
The skillful staff is always ready for site installation.  Since some installation might unavoidable to do with system works (electricity and water), therefore, our technician has to be high careful in order to prevent damage which is our responsibility.