Price Estimation

  Service is our business..

                  “Free of charge for preliminary service”.
Preliminary services include price estimation, production time estimation, and furniture layout plan. These information are necessary tools for house owner to make their decision. We understand this point and that’s why we set as a free of charge service for customer who selected us to be part of your decision making.

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Information Details Contain:

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1. Quotation
Price estimation process is using material consideration orientation. The quotation filled with furniture type, estimated material, and estimated dimension.
(Remark: Price estimation has standard deviation of 10%)


– Free of charge for 0.3% of estimated price
– Fast


– Not enough information for making decision

2. Sketch
Plan with furniture layout. Sketch is the picture with or without color, which approximately 50% of area.
(This sketch is not for production. This sketch presentation depends on cost of whole task).

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– Free of charge for 1% of estimated price
– Complete information


– Time constraint (about 1-2 weeks)

** Free of charge for preliminary service means to deduct this amount from deposit or installment after purchasing order approved.